Air Jordan 4 Retro Taupe Haze

Air Jordan 4 Retro Taupe Haze

Sku: DB0732-200

Release Date:02/27/2021

The “Air Jordan 4 Retro Taupe Haze” is a sneaker model released by Jordan Brand, a subsidiary of Nike. This particular colorway, “Taupe Haze,” is part of the Air Jordan 4 Retro line, which is known for its iconic silhouette and design elements. Here are some details about the Air Jordan 4 Retro Taupe Haze:

Model: The Air Jordan 4 is one of the most popular and enduring models in the Air Jordan line. It’s known for its distinctive features, including visible Air cushioning in the sole, plastic wing eyelets, and a mesh panel on the sides.

Colorway: The “Taupe Haze” colorway likely features a taupe or brownish-gray upper with complementary color accents. The exact shade and color blocking may vary, as different releases within the Air Jordan 4 Retro line often feature unique color schemes.

Materials: Jordan Brand often experiments with materials for its retro releases. The “Taupe Haze” version may feature a combination of suede, leather, and mesh on the upper to provide both style and comfort.

Release Date: The release date for the Air Jordan 4 Retro Taupe Haze would have been announced by Jordan Brand. Typically, Jordan releases are highly anticipated, and release dates are widely publicized in advance.

Availability: Jordan Brand releases are often in high demand, and certain colorways may be produced in limited quantities. Sneaker enthusiasts and collectors often try to secure their pairs as soon as they become available.

Resale Value: Due to the popularity of Air Jordan releases, some limited-edition or sought-after colorways can have significant resale value in the secondary market.

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